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Jonathan ShowePhoto by Alain L. Gutierrtez, Havana.

Jonathan Showe has traveled to Cuba more than seventy times, ranking him among America’s most frequent visitors to the forbidden island. One of her Cabinet Ministers was recently overhead exclaiming “How the hell does this guy Showe keep getting to Cuba?” Persistence, tenacity, curiosity – and modest irreverence for U.S. travel restrictions would be
the answer.

With military service and a graduate degree in International Relations, he joined the Nixon, then Ford, White House where he was involved in U.S. foreign economic policy. Materials emerging from his desk found their way to foreign and domestic leaders. Later work at a U.S. multinational corporation involved further analyses presented to international businesspeople and shapers of foreign policy.

Since 1998, Jonathan Showe has focused on Cuba – trying to understand that enigmatic place by mixing with an array of folks including dissidents, farmers, journalists, professionals, intellectuals, and senior government officials. He concludes that Cuba is much more than a place – it is a state of mind! With the skills of forty years in the international realm, he has a keen ability to weave disparate threads into a fabric of clarity and understanding.