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Cuba Rising; An American Insider's Perspective by Jonathan Showe

Cuba Rising will enable you to understand Cuba’s history of betrayal that has driven her to self-reliance; her cultural traditions of synthesis that are fundamental from family through foreign policy, and how Cuba’s national experience spanning centuries is propelling the country into a lively new posture in the 21st century.

Cuba Rising - a finalist in national book award competition.
National Book Award

“Jonathan Showe is a keen observer and Cuba Rising captures the excitement of the country, its people and their zest for life…a fair-minded description of where Cuba is and where it is heading…a must read book!”

Bart S. Fisher, International Lawyer
Washington, DC

“Cuba Rising took me back to the streets of Havana, the rich culture, the pride of its people… expertly told with personal experiences, political and historical context… Showe shares the forbidden fruit that is Cuba.”

Randy Brown, Managing Director
Fortress Investment Group, Texas

“You will enjoy fascinating stories and educated insights, as Showe describes the history, politics, economy and culture…a perfect warm-up for anyone considering a first visit."

David Wechsler, President
Maritime International, Massachusetts

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